QML Profiler update


We have been improving the QML Profiler over the last months, with a special focus on the user interface. With the latest features we want to make it easier to navigate the time line, locate points of interest, and manage the statistics effectively to gain some insight into your own application. Among the new features there is ability to load and save traces to disk, so they can be shared among developers or revisited during the development of a project. There is also information about the running animations in the timeline, that is, frames per second and number of concurrent animations playing. And we also integrated the V8 profiler, with its output displayed in a separate tab. This last one, though, is only available if your application runs with Qt5, since this is the first version of Qt that uses the V8 JavaScript engine.

Here is a short video going through some of the new features. I want to apologize in advance for the poor frame rate of the video, since it was taken from my laptop and somehow the video grabber couldn't manage a higher rate. Since I can't find how to embed it in here with its original size, consider playing it fullscreen.

I hope the video encourages you to test the QML profiler and use it for your own applications. Feel free to give us any feedback about the current profiler, for example suggesting new features that would be helpful for you.


In the coming days we are going to blog about some other QML tools we have been working on recently, stay tuned.

For feedback/questions, please contact us on IRC at the freenode server, channel #qt-creator.

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