Qt at Mobile World Congress – The popular new Nokia 808 PureView and more

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia is promoting a new Qt opportunity. The flagship for developers in Nokia Qt powered device portfolio will soon be the new Nokia 808 PureView that was announced today. With the launch of this high-tech camera smart phone that features a 41-megapixel sensor with high performance Carl Zeiss optics, Qt developers have yet another interesting Nokia smart phone to target with Qt apps. The numbers of Qt-powered Nokia devices have now reached record levels - 180 million on the market!

In addition we continue to receive a lot of positive feedback for the new Belle UI, which we released to consumers a few weeks ago. I myself updated my N8, which I happily use together with the Nokia N9, and actively contribute to the increasing download numbers on the Nokia store. The Nokia Store is now driving more than 13 million download requests per day! This is to be compared with the high of 6 million downloads per day and up-coming new Symbian phones we blogged about only 8 months ago.

At the Qt Booth here at MWC, we are seeing many familiar faces that have passed by, and I received numerous reports about the increased challenges many have faced in recruiting Qt developers. The ever-increasing trend in using Qt is creating a high demand for Qt developers, especially in the embedded space.

Qt at Mobile World Congress

In 2011, we experienced 2,1 million Qt downloads plus a multitude of online updates. When comparing this to the almost 1,6 million Qt downloads we had in 2010, you see a significant indicator for an increasing amount of Qt projects.

So it is spring in Barcelona and for Qt, optimism is running high, and the opportunity for Qt developers continues to grow and flourish. For mobile developers, the amazing new opportunity that is coming in the form of the Nokia 808 PureView is just icing on the cake.

Daniel Kihlberg
Global Director Qt Ecosystem

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