Qt Commercial 4.8.1 Released

The last few weeks have been busy times for the Qt Commercial R&D release team. Release engineers and build machines have done a lot of work in getting Qt Commercial 4.8.1 release ready and working nicely in all our supported platforms. I am happy to announce the availability of Qt Commercial 4.8.1 both as an update for SDK users and standalone installers.  With over 200 functional improvements to 4.8.0, Qt Commercial 4.8.1 is a solid patch release. We are also introducing official support to QNX Neutrino RTOS, as well as an updated SDK installer.

As a patch release 4.8.1 does not introduce new functionality, but rather a set of error corrections and improvements over the 4.8.0 release. With over 200 functional improvements, as well as many improvements to documentation, Qt Commercial 4.8.1 is a great improvement over 4.8.0 that has already received good feedback from our licensees.


Highlights of Qt Commercial 4.8.1 include:

  • First patch release to the 4.8 series 
  • Over 200 functional improvements to desktop and embedded platforms
  • Official support to QNX Neutrino RTOS
  • Mac App Store support
  • New SDK version improved based on user feedback


A detailed list of the fixes and improvements can be found here.


Error Correction Focus
The focus of the error corrections has been on desktop and embedded platforms with a large number of fixes, for example, in QtCore, QtGUI and QtNetwork benefitting all platforms. We have also done quite many fixes in the tools.


Desktop-specific error connections = 52 fixes

Embedded & RTOS platforms error corrections = 33 fixes


QNX Neutrino Official Support
We are proud to announce that Qt Commercial 4.8.1 brings official support to the QNX Neutrino RTOS platform. Developers looking to develop their products on QNX with Qt Commercial can rest assured that Digia fully supports their project with a full support and services team.  The release of Qt Commercial 4.8.1 further extends our cross-platform strategy adding QNX to our list of supported RTOS platforms. Late last year, Qt Commercial 4.8 brought official support for Green Hills INTEGRITY.  We continue our work to extend the RTOS support in Qt Commercial in subsequent releases. As communicated earlier this year, together with Wind River, we will deliver official support for VxWorks during Q2/12.


Mac App Store Support
One of the items we have specifically been working hard with is support to the Mac App Store.  All the essential fixes to allow fluid submission to the Mac App Store are included in the Qt Commercial 4.8.1 release. Bringing the Mac App Store support to Qt is a great example of the work done together with the Qt community. I would especially like to thank Chris Meyer for the work he did with the initial patches for sandboxing and settings issues. We are now working on a blog post with more specifics on how you can submit an application based on Qt Commercial to the Mac App Store.


Qt Commercial SDK Update
We have also created a new version of the SDK based on the feedback we received from our customer SDK survey which ran in February 2012. I am very happy that the first SDK we released back in late January 2012 was well received. I would like to thank everyone who tried it out and sent us feedback through the survey. Your comments helped to validate and prioritize the items to fix in the version we have now provided. We also received good ideas on how to develop the SDK further in the upcoming versions.

Qt Commercial 4.8.1 is now available as an update for all Qt Commercial SDK users, as well as installers via the Qt Commercial Customer portal, at http://qt.digia.com/customerportal/.  If you are not yet using our great SDK, you can try it out and get the SDK installer from the Qt Commercial Customer Portal.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Customer portal or contact form at http://qt.digia.com/contact-us/.