Qt Creator 2.5 RC released

We are happy to announce the Qt Creator 2.5 release candidate today. Since the beta release we did a lot of bug fixing, including some crashes and some regressions in the C++ code model handling. Thanks to all who contributed to these 180+ fixes. And special thanks this time go to Leena, for all the effort she put into updating our documentation and screenshots again!

Featurewise I refer you to the beta release blog post. One thing we didn't mention there though is another new (experimental) plugin for direct support of autotools projects. If you work with autotools based projects, you might want to check this out instead of using the generic "Import existing project". Just enable Help > About Plugins > Build Systems > AutotoolsProjectManager, restart Qt Creator, and open a Makefile.am. Many thanks to Patricia Santana Cruz and Openismus GmbH for contributing this plugin.

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