Planning Qt Contributors Summit

Qt Contributors Summit 2011, by Alexandra Leisse.

The second edition of the Qt Contributors Summit is warming up. Venue and dates are secured: June 21-23 in Berlin. Some sponsors have already stepped in and more will come. The schedule is being discussed as we speak but in any case it's all about technical sessions based on status sharing, planning and discussion. It's the first big event organized in full Qt Project mode! We are working hard to offer the best context for up to 225 contributors taking Qt 5 to the next level.

Registration is open with more than 50 participants confirmed. Maintainers, approvers, contributors of code and other species are welcome. All maintainers are expected to be there or nominate a substitute for their module. If you meet the participation criteria you are welcome to apply as soon as possible. Note that this is an invitation-only event: please wait our confirmation before booking your trip.

We aim to have a modest budget for sponsoring travel expenses in special cases.  If you are in this situation you must apply for an invitation right now, so we can budget properly.

The budget of the event is entirely covered with the funds from kind sponsors. Nokia, Research In Motion, Digia, ICS, Intel, Froglogic, e-GITS and KDAB have already stepped in, and we are in conversations with more. Nokia and RIM are sharing the XL sponsorship package, a new precedent reflecting the new possibilities of the Qt Project. The deadline for accepting new sponsors is May 18. After that we will start producing the printed materials. In addition to the sponsorship benefits, all sponsors get real-time access to the accounts of the event and voice for suggestions on how to do better.

We are planning to combine some plenary sessions defined in advance with a grid of parallel sessions, most of them scheduled ad-hoc in pure unconference style. The plan is to focus on technical planning and collaboration between the developers of Qt, giving a secondary role (or no role) to unilateral presentations, marketing & outreach. There is still a lot of work to do! If you want to get involved meet us in the Qt Project [Marketing] list.

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