Qt Commercial for VxWorks

We have been actively working together with Wind River to develop and improve Qt Commercial for VxWorks. Based on our testing things look already very good, and we are able to run Qt Commercial in many x86 and ARM based targets, as well as the VxWorks Simulator. Read on for more info and a short video of what we have been up to.


Our current development version is directly based on the Qt Commercial 4.8.2 added with the needed patches to nicely run on top of VxWorks. We are using VxWorks RTOS version 6.9.2 equipped with some new items to support Qt Commercial, most notable an improved WindML library. The first deliveries of the Early Access Release will be made with this version of Qt Commercial for VxWorks, and we will merge in these modifications with our product baseline in subsequent releases.


In the past months we have run a comprehensive set of platform tests to verify Qt Commercial on VxWorks for DKM (Downloadable Kernel Module) and RTP (Real Time Process) modes – both on target HW and simulator. Based on the results, Digia and Wind River improved the functionality as well as ironed out possible glitches ensuring high-quality release. We have also updated the documentation so that it is easy for our customers to start with Qt Commercial on VxWorks.


Check out the following video to see Qt Commercial on VxWorks:


In addition to the Linux development host shown in the video, we have enabled development also on the Windows host, including cross compiling for target HW. The familiar VxWorks tools such as Wind River Workbench can be used for the development of Qt Commercial based applications on Windows as well as Linux. In addition, we are offering the Qt Commercial tools that provide great means for designing and developing GUI applications.


The first customer deliveries are soon starting and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Based on the comments from these selected customers we will finalize the deliverables together with Wind River. The general availability of the Qt Commercial for VxWorks will then follow.


If you are interested in hearing more, please contact Qt Commercial Sales via our Customer portal.


Not a Qt Commercial Customer Yet?

You can test out the Qt Commercial by downloading a 30-day free evaluation of Qt Commercial 4.8.2. Let us know what you think!