Qt Commercial Charts 1.1.0 Released

When we released the Charts 1.0.0 in early July we set as the target to provide 2 additional releases during this year. I’m happy to announce that the first one of those releases (1.1.0) is now available in the Customer Portal.

In this Blog post I’ll go through the new functionality and changes included in this release. If you are new to Qt Commercial Charts, please take a look at the previous blog posts to get the basics what you can do with Charts.

The focus in making this release was to further improve the existing functionality and introduce some new functionality based on the received feedback. Unfortunately we also had to make some changes that break the binary and source compatibility between 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 releases. We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience.

New Chart Types

For this release we set as the goal to provide couple of new chart types (or actually variations of existing chart types): Horizontal Bar Chart and Donut Chart.

Also the placement of labels inside the pie slices has been improved so that you can use also tangential and rotated alignment.

New Axis features

For the Axis handling we have introduced different Axis types in order to show different types of data. For example showing Date and Time values is now easier. We have also added capabilities to format the value axis labels.

Line Chart Performance improvements

Many of the questions we had after the first release were related to using Charts for drawing rapidly updating line charts (updating speed and number of data points charts can draw). In order to better accommodate this kind of use cases we introduced two changes to the Line Chart: New data replacement method with better performance in XYSeries and Line drawing was also optimized. With the changes made you can create line charts with thousands of data points updating at 60fps. We also introduced a new example application that can be used for testing the performance in a particular use case.

Full list of changes can be found from the README file included in the source package.

Thank you for all of you that have provided valuable feedback and improvement ideas for the further development of the Charts.

Get the Charts now

Qt Commercial Charts 1.1.0 release is now available in the Customer Portal as well as through the Qt Commercial SDK. It is released as a source package.

As always with Qt Commercial, the charts are fully covered by our standard support. If you have any issues using them, just contact our support team through the Customer Portal.

Not a Qt Commercial Customer Yet?

You can test out the Qt Commercial Charts 1.1.0 and the rest of Qt Commercial by downloading a 30-day free evaluation of Qt Commercial. Let us know what you think!