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Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.0 for Qt 5 Released

This week we released Qt 5.0 with Qt Creator integrated into the package. Today I have good news for those who prefer to use Visual Studio. We have now released new Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.0 for Qt 5. In addition to supporting Qt 5 it provides some additional goodies such as support to Visual Studio 2012.

The new Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.0 supports Visual Studio 2012, 2010 and 2008 for developing Qt 5 applications. It understands the new modularized structure of Qt 5, and includes the new documentation. Functionality and requirements are otherwise similar as with the previous Add-In, so you will need at least Visual Studio Professional to use it.

Highlights of Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.0 include:

  • Project creation wizards updated to follow Qt 5 module structure
  • Project settings form updated to follow Qt 5 module structure
  • Help documents updated to Qt 5.0
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012, 2010 and 2008
  • Parameter passing to lupdate fixed (QTVSADDINBUG-131)

You can find the detailed list of changes to the Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.0 here.

One thing to note is that there is no Qt 4 project creation wizards and project settings in the Qt 5 Visual Studio Add-In, and unfortunately it is currently not possible to use both the Qt 4 and Qt 5 Visual Studio Add-Ins simultaneously. We plan to release an updated version of the Qt 4 Add-In during Q1/13 to address this issue.

The new Visual Studio Add-In 1.2.0 is available for both commercial and open-source users. If you hold a valid commercial license, you can download the new Visual Studio Add-In from the Customer Portal. The open-source version can be downloaded from the Qt Project.

I hope you enjoy developing Qt 5 applications with Visual Studio. Please provide us with feedback either through the commercial support or via the Qt Project mailing lists.

PS. I changed the release date visible in the blog so that Qt 5.0.0 stays at the top. The real date of this release is 21st December 2012.


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