It's a Berrylicious Day! Congrats Qt RIM Friends

As most of you already know, today RIM launched the much awaited BB10 platform in a pretty well-covered press event. Congrats friends at RIM (or should I say BlackBerry)!

This is also a proud day for the Qt family as we see the power of Qt being used in the BB10 Native SDK, which includes the Qt libraries in its Cascades framework. The standard Qt development framework we all love is also supported by RIM. We are thrilled that RIM chose Qt Quick to enable a fluid and smoothly-transitioning UI on BB10.

I am sure many of you participated in the BlackBerry Qt Porting Program and helped get in Qt-based apps for BB10. Congrats to you too!

The neat thing about this story is that while Android-based phones and the iPhone have been the hype for a few years now, here comes a sort of  underdog (depends who you ask) with Qt as a weapon to push forth native development on what many consider an alternative mobile OS. We are seeing more and more of these new smartphone operating systems relying on native performance and standardizing on Qt like our other friends at Jolla and Canonical. It's also because of you. The legions of Qt developers out there that make our ecosystem vibrant, which encourages these platform developers to look to Qt. Exciting indeed.

What is even more awesome and exciting and the whole point of it all is that Qt truly enables cross-platform development. Yep, with Qt you can develop for BB10, Sailfish, Ubuntu, Android and soon for iOS on mobile PLUS all the desktop and embedded operating systems. That's pretty neat, if you ask me. We develop Qt for the developer giving you the freedom to choose.

We salute you, RIM (or the new BlackBerry). We wish you the best of luck and we look forward to some Qt berries as we continue working together.


Alright, enough of the sappy writing. I almost made myself cry and I think I heard violins playing in the background. Apologies for corroding the Qt developer blog with my marketing rant, but I really felt proud today to be a Qt-ie and see Qt powering BB10!



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