Qt Showing off its Portability Power at Embedded World 2013

It's the second day of Embedded World 2013 and as the world of embedded system developers crowd the Nuremberg messe, the Qt team has dry mouth from talking to the hundred of visitors to our booth thus far and showing off the 10+ demos at the Qt stand, #4/520.

It can be said that the embedded industry is still slightly new to the idea of having GUIs on systems like a microcontroller, but this year more and more of the traditional hard-knobs-and-dials sort of developers are coming to Qt because they realize that the world is moving to graphical UIs and especially touch capabilities. They need not only a UI tool, but a full framework that can give them the ability to have a flexible and performing UX on high-end chipset where power and performance are not lost when ported to low-end chipsets and architectures. "I can do that with Qt?" Yes you can.

This year we are showing at our booth Qt running on various embedded operating systems like embedded Linux, QNX, VxWorks, previews of Android and iOS. We also have our "Live Coding Theater" where we are demoing how easy it is to develop with Qt Creator and deploy to an embedded Linux target. This has been very popular being held 3 times a day.

What is really blowing minds is the consistent performance of the same Qt 5.0 application running on QNX, Android and iOS.


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What are your thoughts on UI development in the embedded space?


NOTE: Wifi is a bit dodgy at the event - too many people on. Apologies for the pics being slightly heavy and large. We will fix them and update the post throughout the day.

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