Qt in World's Fastest Electric Car

Digia has supported Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in their electric car project called Electric Raceabout (E-RA). This cool research project has produced a street legal electric sports car, which not only has the World record on ice, but also runs Qt.

Metropolia University, located in Helsinki, Finland, does extensive research on electric vehicles, one example being E-RA - an electric sports car built primarily by automotive engineering students.

With 4-wheel drive and well designed handling E-RA is a really capable sports car with impressive specs:

  • Top speed of over 260 km/h
  • Motor power of 282 kW
  • Peak torque of 800 Nm - in each wheel

And all this provided by an electric vehicle that is fully street legal (and rest assured, the Finnish road inspection is surely one of the toughest in the world to pass).

E-RA has achieved lap time of 8 minutes 42,72 seconds at Nürburgring Nordschleife, which was electric vehicle track record for quite a while, as well as World record as the fastest electric vehicle on ice with average speed of 252,09 km/h. Nicely driven E-RA has operating range of over 200 kilometers.

The students have built both the IVI system and the instrument cluster with Qt 4.8 running on top of Linux. I think the whole E-RA project is a really great proof of the skills the soon-to-graduate engineers have, and certainly the Qt parts are no less impressive.

Have a look on the enclosed video produced by the students at Metropolia University to hear the full story:

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