Qt Creator 2.8.0 beta released

Today we release the Qt Creator 2.8 beta. Thanks to the 60 individual contributors to this version, it comes with a large amount of new "stuff" and lots and lots of bug fixes.

Too much to cover it all here, as always, so I'll try to highlight a few things:

You can now open new editor windows with Window > Split New Window. This opens a new window that behaves basically the same as the editor area in the main window (for example you can split this window as well). Opening a document will then open an editor in the last editor window that was active. Since this raises quite some usability questions, how things should work exactly, we want and need your feedback on how you (want to) use that feature, and what issues you have with how it works currently! So please open bug reports, or contact us on the mailing list or IRC when you find something that should work different.

C++ support in Qt Creator got lots of fixes, and more refactoring actions:

  • Moving function definitions from inline in the header to source
  • Assigning a method return value or 'new' expression to a local variable
  • Adding declarations and implementations for pure virtual methods from the superclass (many thanks to Lorenz Haas!)

What many of you probably didn't notice is that Qt Creator 2.7 has an experimental implementation of a side-by-side diff viewer (which needed to be turned on explicitly). This diff viewer is now enabled by default and used for git version control operations. You can also diff two arbitrary files with Tools > Diff.

Git version control integration got many new features, most notably maybe that you now can do interactive rebases from within Qt Creator. But also added was support for updating submodules, continuing and aborting many operations, and a lot more. Thanks to Orgad Shaneh and Petar Perisin for all their work in this area.

Thanks also go to Sergey Shambir who contributed an editor for python code, with highlighting and indentation, and a python class wizard.

Otherwise, display of many data types when debugging with CDB was fixed, QNX and Android support received many fixes, and much, much more. For some more details you can head over to the change log, or just download and try it.


Download Qt Creator 2.8 beta

Qt Commercial customers find packages in the Customer Portal

Please use our bugtracker for reporting bugs!

Note: Something that I want to mention here to reduce the surprise: Progress information has moved to the bottom-right corner of Qt Creator's main window, with the option to hide the detailed progress information and just show a summary progress bar instead.

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