Qt Charts 1.3.0 released

We have now released the 1.3.0 version of the Charts which brings Polar and Boxplot charts and some API enhancements. As usual the package is available in the Customer Portal.

Polar chart enables showing data in a circular graph. Polar charts support line, spline, area, and scatter series, and all axis types supported by those series.

Boxplot (also known as box-and-whiskers plot) is a convenient way of illustrating the minimum and maximum values (i.e. the range) with the quartiles. Boxplots have several use cases in statistical analysis e.g. in describing populations or analyzing stock exchange share prices.

With this version of charts we also now provide a Qt Quick 2 support which enables e.g. combining charts to applications created with Qt Quick Controls. However please note that Qt Charts still uses QGraphicsView framework under the hood even with Qt Quick 2. Therefore charts performance is usually better with Qt Quick 1 than with Qt Quick 2.

The Qt Charts 1.3.0 contains also several smaller improvements and fixes which are listed in the README file included in the source package. For an overview of the Charts functionality, please refer to the Charts product page.

We have made the Charts 1.3.0 release available through the Customer Portal. If you don’t have a commercial license for Qt, you can test out the Charts  by downloading a 30-day free evaluation. Let us know what you think!