Qt Creator 2.8 RC released

We proudly present the Qt Creator 2.8 release candidate today. On top of the features that we already published with the 2.8 beta, the release candidate includes lots of bug fixes both for functionality already available before the 2.8 series, as well as for the new features.

The release candidate is your chance to give us some final feedback, so download it from the links below, give it a try, and report any issues you find with it on the bugtracker, mailing list, or IRC (#qt-creator on freenode).

If you are interested in the new features of Qt Creator 2.8, you should first head over to the 2.8 beta release blog, where I already wrote about many of the new things you'll find.

One thing that I haven't mentioned yet, is that we added experimental support for debugging with LLDB (OS X), the LLVM debugger. This is important since Apple fades out GDB support on OS X, so we need to provide a different solution. We know that the current implementation is not feature complete yet, and it would be great for us to get more feedback on remaining critical issues. You can test LLDB debugging support by heading over to Preferences > Build & Run > Kits, the debugger setting of your kit, selecting LLDB Engine from the dropdown and setting the path to LLDB (/usr/bin/lldb if you installed the Xcode command line tools). Debugging with LLDB is possible both for projects compiled with Apple's GCC (which is LLVM-based), and with Clang. Please report issues as subtasks of the master-task QTCREATORBUG-8825 (press the + button next to "Sub-tasks").

To expand a bit further on what I just mentioned as "QNX received many fixes" in the beta blog post: There is a  BlackBerry development environment setup wizard now, which helps users to set up their development environment, including setting NDK path, registration, creating debug token, etc. Device connection handling has been refactored, reducing application startup times, and shows the connection state in the settings now, and provides control to manually connect and disconnect. And it received many fixes :D .

Similarly with Android support: Highlights are that it's now possible to debug and profile QML on devices and that a graphical editor for manifest files has been added. And it received many fixes :D .

Open source users find packages on the Qt Project Qt Creator 2.8.0 RC download page.

Qt Enterprise customers find packages in the Customer Portal. We have added a few extensions to the Enterprise packages for special use cases regarding Qt Quick. For more information see the Qt Enterprise product page.

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