Enginio: The Qt Cloud Backend Hits Beta

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Enginio, our very own Qt cloud backend, has reached Beta status today. We have developed Enginio to make it easy for Qt developers to set up a backend for Qt applications. You can use Qt/C++ or QML and connect your application to the Qt cloud in less than 3 minutes. You don't have to think about servers, databases, scalability, up-time, user management and many other aspects of the technical and repetitive work surrounding the backend.

Enginio removes the pain-staking efforts of setting up a server backend for your connected Qt app, regardless of software and hardware for desktop, embedded or mobile. With Enginio, the backend creation is completely abstracted, letting you focus on what matters: a perfect application for your users. Any connected and data driven applications require a server-side backend. You can now easily code, create, deploy and maintain a multi-screen user experience, content storing, user management, logging or any other cloud functionality in your Qt application with one framework and one Qt cloud backend. Keep it in the Qt family.

Check out this video made by one of our Qt Enginio developers and find out how easy it is to get started: http://youtu.be/7NheiHdg5Hg

What Does Enginio Beta Mean?
Well, we know how serious you are about applications and software built with Qt, and the last thing we would want to do is to cause any form of trouble for you. We are committed to ensure the same service quality in this Beta as  in a production version from this point on. Enginio is based on years of experience from building robust backends for both enterprise and consumer applications and has been in active customer use since the first technology preview.

Thank you very much for the comments and questions so far. You can contact us and other developers via the Enginio discussion forum on qt-project.org or by email: mailus@engin.io  at any time. We can’t wait to see what projects you will develop with this Beta and coming releases.

Try Enginio now!

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