Qt Creator 3.0 beta released

Together with Qt 5.2 beta, we release the Qt Creator 3.0 beta today.

Many things have been improved and added in this version, including:

Improved Android support: Aside from many bug fixes, we added support for the new deployment mechanism available in Qt 5.2. This was described in more detail in a separate blog post.

Experimental support for iOS: Qt 5.2 comes with full support for iOS, and Qt Creator 3.0 adds experimental support for building, deploying and running Qt applications on the iOS simulator and iOS devices. (Experimental means that you have to turn on this feature in Help > About Plugins > Device Support > iOS.)

Experimental support for 'bare metal' devices: Also experimental is support for 'bare metal' devices, meaning that Qt Creator only requires a gdb-compatible debugger running on it. Many thanks to Tim Sander for this contribution!

For C++, "Optimize For Loop" and "Extract Constant as Function Parameter" refactoring actions have been added, and you can now specify special preprocessor directives for the internal code model for individual files (see the little '#' button next to the line number information in the editor tool bar). Also new is a view showing the include hierarchy of a file. Special thanks for this feature, and many many bug fixes, go to Przemyslaw Gorszkowski.

Also, the application and compile output now support ANSI colors, the diff viewer can be switched between side-by-side and inline views, and too many other things to mention them in this blog post.

Download Qt Creator 3.0 beta standalone

Download Qt 5.2 beta (includes Qt Creator)

Qt 5.2 beta known issues

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