Introducing Qt Cloud Services

Due to the feedback we received from our Beta testers, we have seen that the Enginio, Qt Cloud Beta has solved an immense need for Qt developers when it comes to backend-as-a-service and believe that there is an even greater need to provide the Qt ecosystem with an all-in-one Qt solution for cloud computing. We are, therefore, very pleased to announce that the Enginio, Qt Cloud Beta project will form part of our new Qt Cloud Services offering.

In the past year, we have been working to further develop Qt to be the leading cross-platform development framework by reinforcing Qt’s graphical performance on desktop and embedded platforms and introducing support for the leading mobile platforms. At the same time, we have been focusing on expanding the Qt product to address the computing needs of enterprises and developers in such a way that makes Qt the #1 solution for developing, testing, deploying and managing applications. We feel that the introduction of Qt Cloud Services brings us one step closer to do just that. Everything you need for awesome software development with one Qt.

Qt Cloud Services for All Qt Users Starting with Qt 5.2

Our upcoming Qt 5.2 release will make it possible for all Qt users to benefit from the Qt Cloud Services offering. With Qt 5.2 Qt Cloud Service’s data storage and user management will be commercially part of the upcoming Qt Mobile Edition and the existing Qt Enterprise Edition. A version of Qt Cloud Services is also available for free for our Qt open source community.

The “Qt Account” | One Place for All Things Qt

To make things even easier and seamless when you enter the wonderful world of Qt Cloud Services, we are introducing the “Qt Account”. Your Qt Account will be a launch pad for your Qt Cloud Services. It collects all your management-related tasks, support services and account information for all your Qt services into one easy-to-use Qt portal. You can manage your profile and subscriptions, access services dashboard, Digia helpdesk support and much more. We just ramped it up and it is available for all Qt users for testing.

Qt Cloud Services & the Future

Our goal has been to always optimize your development efficiency, increase your business’ scalability and ultimately help you reduce costs. We believe that Qt data storage and user management  is just the beginning and under Qt Cloud Services we will introduce features and functions that will open up Qt development to a whole new world where business agility, cost efficiency, speed and analytics are at the forefront.

Our intention is to provide you with all the essential cloud services you need so that you can easily develop multi-screen applications as well as go beyond the current cloud data storage, user management and backend actions. Under the Qt Cloud Services umbrella we will introduce notifications, analytics and much more.  There will be also 3rd party opportunities to bring new components and services to Qt Cloud Services.

How to get started

The existing Enginio users have received a link by email – simply click it and you will be directed to reset your password. It’s all there and you can continue working with Qt Cloud Services immediately – straight from Qt Account. Thank you very much for the feedback and support so far!

New users are free to create a new Qt Account and start using Qt Cloud Services capabilities via: I’m looking forward to working with you.

If you are currently using the Qt Enterprise Customer Portal for desktop and embedded development, please continue doing so. At this time, it will not be affected by the Qt Account portal.

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