Introducing Qt Mobile

Address the Largest Mobile Markets

I am pleased to announce that together with the release of Qt 5.2, the Qt Mobile edition is now available for you to download and try:

Qt Mobile is an all-in-one Qt mobile development package designed for cross-platform mobile app creation on Android & iOS.  We have created it for mobile app developers, small companies and app development houses looking to build amazing multi-platform native mobile apps for Android & iOS with a commercial license at an affordable monthly price of $149.

Qt Mobile includes:

  • Complete Qt libraries and Qt Creator Enterprise IDE (includes additional tooling for enhanced application creation)
  • Commercial license so you can easily statically link your app libraries and successfully submit and make sure your app is accepted to stores, specifically, the Apple App Store
  • Digia Standard Mobile Support with our renowned Qt expert support engineers available to help you at no additional cost
  • Qt Cloud Services – data storage, user management and several new features to be added soon
  • Self-service Qt Account area where you can manage your account and services

Qt for All Needs

The great thing about Qt is that it gives you the freedom to choose the offering that best fits your needs. Our #1 goal above all is to spread the use of Qt everywhere and give you the most powerful value-adding development tools needed to create elegant mobile apps with Qt and make sure you target your end users successfully. That is why we have introduced the Qt Mobile self-service and monthly subscription model making it affordable to develop with a commercial license, deploy conveniently and host your Android and iOS app with one Qt package.

We know that our community is vast with varying use cases and needs. That is why Qt is packaged as different offerings for different types of needs: Qt Enterprise, Qt Mobile and Qt Open Source. You are able to choose the offering that makes sense for you and make sure that you get out of Qt what you need to be successful.

Qt Mobile addresses a large mobile app development market looking for an alternative development package to straight up web technologies and other native app development technologies. It opens up the enormous mobile app development market to the wonderful world of cross-platform development with Qt.

Meet Qt at a 2014 RoadShow Near You

We will be kicking off 2014 with the Qt Mobile Roadshow geared at first-time Qt developers looking to get the most of Qt for mobile development. The Qt Mobile Roadshow is a free one-day event where our clever Qt engineers will walk you through Qt for mobile development and explain all the benefits of how to use Qt to target the most popular platforms.

  • January 27th:  Tampere, Finland
  • February 19th, 2014: San Francisco, CA, USA
  • March 11th, 2014: London, UK
  • March 13th, 2014: Berlin, Germany

To learn more and get on the waiting list, please go here:

Happy Holidays!

If you are a mobile app developer looking to target Android and iOS with one codebase and get your amazingly-crafted Qt-based app swiftly to the leading stores, try Qt Mobile free for 30 days. . If you sign up now, you’ll get 3 months of Qt Mobile for free!


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