Qt Quick Enterprise Controls - The First Step

Happy New Year! We would like to welcome the Qt year 2014 by introducing the first release of Qt Quick Enterprise Controls.

In July 2013, with the release of Qt 5.1, we introduced the Qt Quick Controls. These controls make it even easier to develop Qt Quick applications by providing a set of pre-built UI controls. The goal for the Qt Quick Controls is to provide generic components that are easy to customize and extend.

Over the past years, many of our Qt Enterprise customers have suggested that we provide more advanced -- or specialized -- pre-made UI controls for industry-specific use cases. So, we took the challenge and saw it as a great opportunity to finally implement some of these for you, based on the Qt Quick Controls. These specialized controls go under the name Qt Quick Enterprise Controls and are available exclusively for all Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile customers with no additional charge.

The project is an on-going one, very much based on the input and requests we have received from early access programs. We are starting off our first public launch with a small set of six customizable controls:

  • Circular Gauge (e.g. for a Speedometer)
  • Gauge (a straight gauge e.g. for a Thermometer)
  • Delay Button
  • Pie Menu
  • Dial
  • Toggle Button

In the following video you can see the controls in action. The Gallery and Dashboard examples shown are also part of your installation package.


The Qt Quick Enterprise Controls are nicely integrated with the Qt Enterprise Designer, so that you can visually design your application including them.

We plan on extending this set of controls based on the response we receive from you. We are open to developing controls for a few specific industries (for example, medical and automotive) or more generic controls like the existing ones.

Download & Try

If you are a Qt Enterprise or Qt Mobile license holder, you can get the Qt Quick Enterprise Controls through your online installer, or get the source through your customer portal. They are also part of the Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile 30-day free trials which you can get from http://qt.digia.com/Try-Buy/.

The documentation is available here and we've listed couple of minor known issues here.

So please, take them for a spin, use them in your applications, and let us know how to make even better tools for you to work with by contacting us at:


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