Qt Cloud Services: New Backend Deploy System and Service Status Monitoring

We're proud to announce a major update to the Enginio Data Storage service and new service status monitoring website!

New Backend Deploy System
Many of you have been asking for de-coupling of development and production backends. Before today, if you wanted to deploy from development to production backend you were limited to only one option. It wasn't ideal, but some of you successfully made it work. Now, the deployment can be done from any development backend to any production backend. This new model requires some changes in the existing backends.

The list of changes are described below:

  • We have converted all existing production and development backends as independent backend instances. You can see them in your Enginio Data Storage dashboard
  • Any backend can be identified as development or production. If you want to identify backend as production backend (=lock the data model from writing) you'll have to do it manually through settings
  • We have automatically identified all your existing backends as development or production,  depending on their state
  • No more copy/paste when developing with multiple backends.

In order to take advantage of this new feature,  make sure to check your Enginio dashboard!

Service Status Monitoring
We have been setting up a live reporting service for Qt Cloud Services. You can use this service to see live availability reports, service latency and info about upcoming maintenance jobs we are performing. In case we encounter issues with some parts of our service, we will notify such issues in our service status monitoring page.

Check the Qt Cloud Services service status page or get real time notifications via our network operations center Twitter channel.

Give Us Feedback
As always we're interested in what you think of our new features and Qt Cloud Services, in general. Drop us a line - mailus@engin.io

What's Next?
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