Major Update to Qt Enterprise Embedded Released

I am really excited to announce a major update to our embedded offering. The new version of Qt Enterprise Embedded brings many valuable and highly requested features available to all our embedded customers. Combined with the features of the first version, the new release sets ease and productivity of Qt development for embedded targets to a level it has never been before.

Qt Enterprise Embedded brings flexibility to embedded development for creation of beautiful, high-performing and modern UIs. With built-in, fully integrated, productivity-enhancing tools, embedded software development becomes a breeze. The pre-configured embedded development environment, pre-built Qt optimized software stack for immediate deployment to reference boards and a large set of value-add components and tools allows developers to get up and running immediately. With Qt Enterprise Embedded it is possible to have a working embedded project prototype from day one – and continue with unparalleled productivity and time-to-market throughout the project.

Highlights of the new features of today’s release include:

  • Qt-optimized Yocto recipes for building your own embedded Linux stack
  • Boot to Qt stack updated to use Qt 5.2.1
  • Emulator graphics performance and quality improved with GL-streaming
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard integrated
  • Qt Quick Enterprise Controls integrated
  • Qt Charts integrated
  • BeagleBone Black added as a reference device for both embedded Linux and embedded Android
  • WiFi networking and Ethernet connectivity support implemented for embedded Android
  • Updated GDB for embedded Android toolchain


In addition to these, we have improved the documentation, polished the first time user experience, optimized the most common use cases and improved the items reported by customers and evaluators of the earlier releases. One of the biggest new features is the availability of the Yocto tooling and recipes, as well as Android build scripts for all customers to be able to re-bake the operating system stack. We have used Yocto recipes internally for long time to build the reference images for embedded Qt as well as in conjunction with services. Now, we are providing these also for the customers to use as a Qt-optimized baseline for their devices.

We have also integrated our latest commercial value-add items: Qt Quick Enterprise Controls and the new Qt Virtual Keyboard into the Qt Enterprise Embedded product. These items, as well as all other features of Qt are available under a commercial license well suited for the creation of embedded devices. Qt Enterprise Embedded also comes with our renowned technical support with tight connection to the core of Qt R&D to ensure customer success even in the most demanding embedded projects.

For more details check out Qt Enterprise Embedded product page, the press release we issued today about the new release, the full changelog for the release , and online documentation for Qt Enterprise Embedded. If you happen to be around Nuremberg, come and visit us in the Embedded World 2014, Hall 4, stand 4-408. We have a lot of great demos running Qt Enterprise Embedded as well as many experts available to talk with.

Existing Qt Enterprise customers with an embedded Linux or embedded Android license can access the Qt Enterprise Embedded installer in the Qt Enterprise Customer Portal download area, or use the online installer they already have to get all the new goodies.

To get started with Qt Enterprise Embedded, download the Free 30-day trial of Qt Enterprise Embedded, or contact us using the online form.

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