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We are in our second day at Embedded World 2014 (Nuremberg, Germany), the largest embedded systems show in Europe.

Together with some of our partners, KDAB, ICS, e-GITS and Adeneo Embedded, we are showcasing over 15 demos showing the power of Qt on various embedded platforms.

In the past couple of days, visitors to our booth have been looking for a quick and efficient way to develop application or devices in various embedded industries like automotive, medical, industrial automation and household appliances. Touch user interfaces are now the norm in industries where just a couple of years, fluid or graphics-intensified UIs were not hard requirements. Embedded-focused companies are looking to provide their end users with an easy-to-use, i-Phone-like and consistent user experience that also spans various form factors and operating systems. Judging the crazy traffic to our booth, Qt and the Qt Enterprise Embedded offering seems to be the hallelujah answer to the trials and tribulations many face in software development for embedded systems.

Qt is not a new kid on the block  in the embedded development world and we noticed while perusing the trade show halls that it is truly everywhere with several companies in all five exhibition halls showing their own embedded capabilities demoing Qt-powered demos. We like!

Below are a few snap shots of the activity, demos and customer projects we are showcasing at Embedded World 2014. If you are at Embedded World 2014, come by our booth and say hello. We'll give you a t-shirt and some Qt goodies. If you are exhibiting at the show and are showing a Qt-powered demo, give us a shout out. We would like to see it in action.

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Qt at Embedded World 2014 Qt at Embedded World 2014








Qt Enterprise Embedded Live Coding Qt Enterprise Embedded Live Coding









Qt Enterprise Charts & Data Visualization Qt Enterprise Charts & Data Visualization









Digia Qt Partners Digia Qt Partners (ICS, KDAB, e-GITS, Adenneo Embedded)










IPO.Log customer project. Qt in Industrial Automation IPO.Log customer project. Qt in Industrial Automation













Qt in Automotive Qt in Automotive

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