Qt Data Visualization 1.0 released

I’m happy to announce that we have now released the Qt Enterprise Data Visualization add-on 1.0 final. The main focus after Beta release has been further improving the existing functionality, improving documentation and examples and of course introducing binary packaging for easier installation to development environment.

As a recap of the functionality Qt Data Visualization includes:

  • Multiple data visualization options: 3D Bars, 3D Scatter, and 3D Surface
  • 2D slice views of the 3D data
  • Interactive data: rotate, zoom, and highlight data using mouse or touch
  • Uses OpenGL for rendering the data
  • Qt C++ and Qt Quick 2 supported
  • Customizable axes for data - control viewable data window with axis ranges
  • Customizable input handling
  • Customizable themes
  • Multiple options for data formats and fully customizable data proxy model



Changes between beta and final include:

  • Multiple series support for Surface graphs
  • 3D object rotation support
  • Added different rendering modes and multisample antialiasing for QML applications
  • Improvements in 2D slice view label positioning
  • Support for high DPI displays
  • New examples
  • Qt Quick Designer support (requires upcoming Qt Creator 3.1)
  • Easier installation through Qt Online Installer and Maintenance Tool

For further information about the functionality and more examples please take a look at the Data Visualization online documentation at: http://doc.qt.digia.com/QtDataVisualization.

Data Visualization is included in the Qt Enterprise and Qt Mobile Licenses, so it is free to use by all our licensees. You can test out the Data Visualization and the rest of Qt Enterprise or Qt Mobile by downloading a 30-day free evaluationQt Enterprise and Qt Mobile customers can download Data Visualization binaries and source code through the Package Manager in Maintenance Tool or the Online installer. The module can be found under Qt Enterprise Add-Ons in the package manager. Source packages are also available in Qt Account Downloads.

As always, the Qt Data Visualization is fully covered by our standard support. If you have any issues using them or want to share ideas for further development, just contact our support team through the Qt Account Support Center.