Qt Creator 3.3 beta released

We are happy to announce that we released Qt Creator 3.3 beta1 today.


It comes with enhanced support for splitting editors and additional editor windows. You can now drag & drop editors between splits by dragging the new file type icon, next to the document drop down (see screenshot). Hold the Ctrl key (or Option key on OS X) to open another editor on the same document, instead of moving it. The navigation views (such as Projects and Open Documents) also support dragging files onto splits. Dropping files from the system onto a Qt Creator window now will also open the file in the appropriate split.

It is now possible to specify environment variables to be used with specific kits. Display names of kits and Qt versions can contain variables like %{Qt:Version}, which are automatically filled with the corresponding values. We also added a check box to select and deselect all kits when setting up projects.

Opening QMake projects is now also done asynchronously, like the reparsing that is done when .pro or .pri files change. You can now add files to Qbs projects via the context menu on the Projects view.

The QML Profiler got support for reordering, showing, and hiding categories in the timeline. Also, you can attach notes to events, that are then exported together with the profiling data and can be shared with others.

When pressing the Enter key while the text cursor is within a C++ string literal, the string is now (optionally) split and continued on the next line, adding the necessary quotes for you automatically. We also added a little refactoring action for converting connect() calls to use the new connect style in Qt 5.

For Android development we added support for the Gradle build system.

For users of the Professional or Enterprise edition, we added experimental support for running the Clang Static Analyzer on your projects, as a new tool in Analyze mode. The scene graph events category in the QML Profiler has been significantly improved and will now visualize the time ranges of all scene graph related events instead of showing them as a list of numbers. You can also see input events in the QML profiler now, in a separate category.

We fixed many more bugs and made improvements, such as enhancing the appearance of Qt Creator on high DPI displays, adding a list of open windows to the Window menu, and adding an optional sidebar with Contents, Index, Bookmarks and Search views to the external help window. See our change log for a more complete list of changes.

You find the opensource version on the Qt Project download page, and Enterprise packages on the Qt Account Portal. Please post issues in our bug tracker. You also can find us on IRC on #qt-creator on irc.freenode.net, and on the Qt Creator mailing list.

Note: With Qt Creator 3.3 we drop support for compiling Qt Creator with Qt 4. The minimal required Qt version to compile Qt Creator itself is currently Qt 5.3.1. This does not affect your own projects, of course, we still fully support development of Qt 4-based applications with Qt Creator.

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