Announcing Qt World Summit 2015 Berlin

We are happy to announce that 2015 will give life to the Qt World Summit. It is the global event for all things Qt and a happening you won't want to miss.

October 6-7 | bcc Berlin Congress Center, Germany

This past year, we have been uniting our ecosystem under making it easier to find all Qt-related information in one place for both our business and developer audiences. Our Downloads area and Documentation now reside under and next up are the Wikis and Forums also migrating to very soon.

Riding the coat tails of our ecosystem unification, we have entered a new era and we are transforming what has been Qt Developer Days to a refreshed and global event targeting both developers and business managers, Qt World Summit.

Going Beyond the Code

The Qt World Summit 2015 Berlin is a  two-day event where developers as well as business and product managers will be able to learn first-hand how Qt can support their entire technology strategy and quickly adapt to future application development and device creation trends. There will be dedicated business tracks where participants can learn how industry leaders have used Qt to create their future-proof products as well as get insight on how Qt can be used in their product technology strategy in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics and automation. The sessions will also present how companies can develop with Qt to create their own platforms, control their user experience and their business models. Attendees will get the chance to discover how simple it is to launch their own services on top of their independent platforms easily creating seamless integration between their services, devices and applications.

For Developers by Developers

Don't worry. The developer love Qt Developer Days has had in the past 11 years is not going anywhere. If anything, it is going to be even more vibrant, more thriving. As this is the global event of the year, this is a great opportunity for all our developers to mingle with all Qt fans and lovers from all parts of the world. Qt unites us. For engineers and developers, the Qt World Summit will include an entire developer day where Qt development experts from The Qt Company and the ecosystem will present Qt’s latest features, functions and best practices, as well as several hands-on sessions. The developer day will also be dedicated to technical collaboration, lightning talks and tons of networking.

Get Warmed up with the North America Roadshow

To gets things started in 2015, this Spring we will host together with our Qt Services Partner, ICS, a North American Roadshow stopping for one day in the following locations: San Francisco (April 30), Houston (May 5) and Boston (May 7). The North American Roadshow is a one-day one-track conference with sessions on the Qt roadmap, Qt Quick, device creation and OpenGL, as well as lightning talks. More information to come soon. Stay tuned.

A Big "Thank You" to KDAB & ICS

For the past 3 years, our partners KDAB and ICS, have been responsible for the organization of Qt Developer Days Berlin and North America. Hats off to them for their amazing efforts and for putting on outstanding events keeping the ecosystem thriving. Thank you! We hope to continue to work with them and all our partners as we move along with the Qt World Summit.

Sign Up to Stay Informed

Please visit to register your interest and stay informed. We will soon post information about  sponsorship opportunities, "Call for Papers", agenda, registration opening and more.

We hope to see you in Berlin this year at the Qt World Summit!

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