Brace Yourself ‐ Qt World Summit 2015 Call for Papers is Coming!

Last month we announced that this October 6-7 we will be hosting the Qt World Summit in Berlin - the global event for all things Qt!

The big themes for the whole Qt World Summit are:

  • Creating connected devices and Internet of Things systems
  • Qt as the software solution for multi-platform development - desktop, mobile and embedded
  • Industrial and automotive HMI trends
  • Multiscreen development strategies
  • Creation of modern desktop user interfaces
  • And of course the Qt offering, latest features and product roadmap!

We are progressing nicely with the preparations and as part of that, we are of course building the best possible agenda. Naturally, a big part of that comes from the high-quality talks delivered by Qt developers, contributors, all the members of the Qt community, and the related industries. This is where you come in, folks:

Later this month we will be opening the Call for Papers for everyone to submit their ideas for talks. This is your unique opportunity to get to speak at the #1 Qt event of the year, on your topic. The call for papers will be closed around the end of May. So this is a heads-up to already to start thinking now about what you might like to present at the summit!

We will be opening up for proposals in two main categories: Qt in Use talks and developer focused talks. We encourage those who can to submit two talks covering the same topic: one being more use case oriented and the other a hands-on live coding demonstration. More information on this coming with the call for papers!

We will ask that your proposals will be submitted as abstracts. Our program committee consisting of The Qt Company and Qt Partner members will then select the presentations for the event.

The official call for papers will be announced formally with all the details provided on the event site:


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