Qt Installer Framework 2.0 Released

We're happy to announce version 2.0 of the Qt Installer Framework.

The Qt Installer Framework is a set of tools to provide offline and online installers on Windows, Linux, and OS X. It's focused on the requirements of the Qt installers, but is flexible enough to be used as an installer and updater for other applications, too. See the documentation for an overview of its features. The Tutorial section shows you how to create a simple offline installer.

Version 2.0 contains a whole lot of bug fixes and new features: See the ChangeLog for the full picture. The reason to bump the major version number is, however, that the framework itself is now built with Qt 5 instead of Qt 4. Among other things, the scripting backend has been ported from Qt Script to the Qt QML module, while maintaining full compatibility for the scripts. The port to Qt 5 also allows you to run fully scripted installers without any GUI.

We have been striving to keep compatibility for existing 1.6 installations. That is, you should be able to update existing 1.x online installers transparently with ones built with 2.0.

You can find precompiled and source packages in your Qt Account and on qt.io.

Special thanks go to Christoph Vogtländer, Sze Howe Koh, Ray Donnelly, Tasuku Suzuki, Takayuki Orito, Sascha Cunz, Zhang Xingtao, Sergey Belyashov and Cuoghi Massimiliano for contributions.

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