Qt 4.8.7 Released

I am happy to announce release of Qt 4.8.7 today bringing over 150 improvements and bug fixes. Qt 4.8.7 provides important security updates, better support for Mac OS X 10.10 and many requested error corrections. As a patch release, it does not add new functionality and maintains full compatibility with previous Qt 4.8.x releases.

Highlights of Qt 4.8.7 are:

  • Security fix for DoS vulnerability in the BMP image handler (CVE-2015-0295) as well as security fixes for vulnerabilities in image handling of BMP (CVE-2015-1858), ICO (CVE-2015-1859) and GIF (CVE-2015-1860)
  • Update 3rd party libpng to version 1.6.17 to address known vulnerabilities in previous version
  • Update 3rd party libtiff to version 4.0.3 to address known vulnerabilities in previous version
  • Better support for running Qt 4.8 applications on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Many customer requested bug fixes

A detailed list of the fixes and improvements in Qt 4.8.7 compared to Qt 4.8.6 can be found here.

Many users have already moved their active projects to Qt 5 and we encourage also others to do so. With a high degree of source compatibility, we have ensured that switching to Qt 5 is smooth and straightforward. It should be noted that Qt 4.8.7 provides only the basic functionality to run Qt based applications on Mac OS X 10.10, full support is in Qt 5.

Qt 4.8.7 is planned to be the last patch release of the Qt 4 series. Standard support is available until December 2015, after which extended support will be available. We recommend all active projects to migrate to Qt 5, as new operating systems and compilers with Qt 4.8 will not be supported. If you have challenges migrating to Qt 5, please contact us or some of our service partners for assistance.

The source packages and stand-alone installers for Qt 4.8.7 are available for download from Qt Account for commercial users and qt.io download server for open-source users. For Enterprise and Professional customers, the online installer can also be used for installing Qt 4.8.7.

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