Indie Mobile Available Until Aug 31st

There are many of you who have expressed disappointment with our decision to discontinue the Indie Mobile commercial license subscription product – we are disappointed with this decision as well. Our disappointment comes from the fact that we expected and believed from previous feedback that there in fact would be potential for this kind of product, as there has been tens if not hundreds of people who have expressed interest in that in different forums. Unfortunately, that potential has not materialized in real life, the adoption rate has been extremely low, and we were forced to discontinue that product as it requires resources that we are not able to justify by commercial terms. We did not expect this to be a gold mine for us, rather a product that would fill a demand gap in our offering, with a very affordable pricing. In the end, we must say that we did not see any real demand for this – having just some tens of subscribers is a testament to this. Our mistake was not to announce the retirement of that offering earlier, and we do apologize for that.

We do honor our current subscribers, and we would like to now offer, for a limited time, those who have been considering the Indie Mobile package the opportunity to still subscribe to it with the same price of $25/month. We will offer this until August 31. Please use the following link to take advantage of the offer: We will continue to honor all subscribers of Indie Mobile after August 31st, however, after that date we will no longer make new sales of the package and we will proceed with discontinuing it.

We are constantly looking for new business models and opportunities to serve our customers and community better. The discontinuation of Indie Mobile will enable us to invest in new things, and we still believe that there should be opportunities for other products like Indie Mobile. Our new Qt for Application Development offering provides all desktop and mobile platforms and the subscription price is actually a lot cheaper than it was previously ($350 vs. $399). The latest Vision Mobile CPT report names Qt #4 with 18% mindshare as a cross-platform mobile development tool. Vision Mobile, at least, believes Qt will catch up to the Top 3 in no time. So, if you would still like to develop with Qt for mobile app development, you can, of course, use our Open Source offering.

Thanks again for your feedback and we do apologize for not being transparent earlier with our plans for the Indie Mobile package. We hope that those that were planning to develop a commercial mobile  app with Qt, take advantage of Indie Mobile before August 31st.

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