Announcing Jeff Payne as an Qt World Summit 2015 Keynote Speaker


We're very excited to announce the first of our exciting Keynote line up for the Qt World Summit 2015 - Jeff Payne, founder and CEO of OpenCar!

Over the past 30 years Jeff has directed the design and development of a number of notable connected software applications and platforms, including the best-selling PC software, Internet-in-a-Box; the global ISP, SpryNet; the first multimedia CDN, Real Broadcast Network; and the first field-programmable, multi-gigabit security appliance for carriers and network service providers, the Bivio 5000.

Jeff will shed light on how automakers can address a new competitive imperative: the in-car user experience. Automakers are refining in-car features and interaction models for drivers, but the real innovation has only just begun, as the industry prepares for a new competition - the fight to create the ideal driver’s experience. This war will be waged with software, dynamic updates and new interaction models.

In addition to speaking on the Qt World Summit 2015 keynote stage, Jeff has graciously agreed to deliver a technology strategy session in the Automotive track. He will describe a modular architecture that enables automotive infotainment system integrators to more easily reuse Qt applications across various automaker projects.

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