The 10 Reasons To Join Qt World Summit 2015

To all the tech conference-goers out there, I’d like to ask you to think long & hard about one simple question: What’s your goal? Should you be networking with smart peers in the industry to make your project soar? Will you be pounding the keyboard during hands-on technical sessions?

To help you discover reasons to join the Qt World Summit 2015, we broke each out into specific goals you can attain at the conference below. You can use this as self-diagnosis of sorts to help you navigate through the 3 day conference.


10 Reasons to join the Qt World Summit

1) Insightful Keynotes: Goal = Get inspired. Become a better you.

Every year, we have great keynotes, and this year we have 7. Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor of ‘The Economist’ and co-author of the bestselling book “Big Data,” will get you thinking.


2) Competitive Advantage: Goal = Gain competitive intelligence.

50+ speakers from The Qt Company, OpenCar, Holoplot, PulseOn Oy, Intel, Esri, KDE, KDAB, Bluetooth SIG, Pelagicore, ICS, froglogic, PubNub, V-Play, Wind River, QNX, Adeneo Embedded, basysKom, Woboq and more will be share their expertise to help your Qt project soar.


3) Qt Prodigy Bar: Goal = Stay successful.

Ride the adrenaline by sharing thoughts with experts at the prodigy bar (formerly known as the Qt Support Desk), ask questions, and get immediate feedback.


4) Network: Goal = Meet smart peers.

Make worthwhile connections with other professionals in the industry. Connect with attendees via the conference hashtag #QtWS15 ahead of time & join the Developer Unconference Track.

5) Optimize your next Qt Project: Goal = Get the most out of your code.

Experienced or not, learning new or classic Qt features & mixing them with strategy sessions & use cases maximizes your development project.


6) Quality Assurance: Goal = Insure High Quality of your project.

If performance, quality and security are priority for your projects, we lined up sessions you don’t want to miss for learning QML, Qt Creator, quality insurance, and your security of connected devices.


7) Share What You Do: Goal = Relay knowledge to peers & team mates.

Many attendees are cooking the next generation innovations & live tweeting with the hashtag #QtWS15 to let others know or learn what’s going on real time at the bleeding edge of development.


8) Meet/Become a Qt Champion: Goal = Inspire & be inspired.

Qt Champions think about Qt on a regular basis - regardless if you are a Maverick who doesn’t always follow the rules or you're a rookie building your first project, for example. These entrepreneurs, thinkers, & problem solvers get VIP treatment at Qt events. Watch the Qt Champions video.


 9) Create partners: Goal = Establish professional relationships.

Attend the conference with the goal of growing opportunities, and making lasting relationships first to do business sometime after the conference.


10) Experience the vibrant energy: Goal = Have fun.

Have a little fun or glass during the evening program. In fact, it could be a great way to break the ice! However, we suggest attending a conference with some of the first 10 goals in mind -- you’ll be a lot more productive that way. ;-)


Don’t miss out on Qt World Summit--the greatest Qt conference yet!


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