Qt Champions for 2015

As the year is coming to an end soon, it is time to announce the 2015 Qt Champions!


Qt Champions are the people who go the extra mile for Qt. They do amazing things and surprise you with their dedication to Qt.

As last year, we have four Qt Champions for 2015. The number is not fixed, but these four nominees have made a big difference in the Qt community in 2015.

Without further ado, the Qt Champions for 2015 are:

  • Jürgen Bocklage-Ryannel and Johan Thelin for their work on the Qt5 Cadaques book. The Qt5 book covers all the aspects of development with Qt5 with an emphasis on QML. The book is freely available under a Creative Commons license for anyone contribute to and download and it has been translated to several different languages. Jürgen and Johan together with other community members helping out have created an excellent resource for developers who are starting their journey to Qt.
  • Iori Ayane for his many books on Qt and active participation in multiple areas of the Qt community. Iori-san has written multiple books on Qt in Japanese. He is also very active in the Japanese Qt scene, and during the last year he has also started contributing patches to Qt! All this makes for an impressive contribution to the Qt community.
  • And last, but not least, Samuel Gaist, who has continued his incredible activity on the Qt forums. He has also stepped up his activity on the bugtracker and code contribution side of the Qt project. Altogether his continued participation level is so impressive, that he is being nominated a lifetime title of Qt Champion.

Every new Qt Champion will receive a one year full Qt commercial license in addition to special Qt Champion items and invites to major Qt events during 2016.

Congratulations to all the new (and old) Qt Champions!
We'll be telling you more about the Qt Champions and what they have done in the Qt community in January.

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