Qt 5.5.1 for VxWorks 7 Released

I am pleased to announce that we have now released fully supported Qt 5.5.1 for VxWorks 7 Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Older version of VxWorks has been supported with Qt 4.8, but the port has now been updated to Qt 5.5 and a new major version of VxWorks. With the new version released today it is possible to run the Qt 5 goodies such as OpenGL accelerated Qt Quick 2 on top of VxWorks 7. The release is available for all existing Qt for VxWorks licensses as a new downloadable item in the Qt Account. 

The goal of the new port is to provide a similar level of Qt functionality as the earlier Qt 4.8 port does, as well as to take advantage of the great graphics capabilities of Qt 5. In addition, Qt Creator IDE has integrated support for VxWorks, and deployment of a Qt application to a development hardware running VxWorks is accomplished with a single click. VxWorks development with Qt 5 can be done using both Windows and Linux development hosts.

The following video clip shows Qt 5.5 on top of VxWorks 7 running on a Freescale i.MX6 development board:


The new Qt 5.5 port for VxWorks 7 supports most of the essential Qt modules:

  • Qt Core
  • Qt GUI
  • Qt Network
  • Qt Multimedia (audio output only)
  • Qt QML
  • Qt Quick
  • Qt Quick Controls
  • Qt Quick Dialogs
  • Qt Quick Layouts
  • Qt SQL
  • Qt Test
  • Qt Widgets

In addition to these, the following add-ons are supported:

  • Qt Quick Compiler
  • Qt Charts
  • Qt Data Visualization
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard
  • Qt Concurrent
  • Qt Graphical Effects
  • Qt Image Formats
  • Qt OpenGL (only for porting form Qt 4, new applications should use OpenGL support in Qt GUI)
  • Qt Platform Headers
  • Qt SVG
  • Qt XML Patterns

The new Qt 5.5 port requires VxWorks 7. We have used Freescale i.MX6 as the reference hardware for the Qt 5.5 for VxWorks port. Multiple other CPUs are supported by VxWorks 7 and most of the x86 and ARM based CPUs with OpenGL support are possible to be enabled for the Qt port with an additional effort.

Holders of a valid Qt for VxWorks license can download the new release from their Qt Account web portal and run it on top of the December 15th GA release of VxWorks 7 RTOS. If you are interested in learning more about Qt 5.5 for VxWorks 7, check the documentation. If you wish to conduct a technical evaluation, please contact us to request an evaluation.

To find the latest port in action, please join us 23rd - 25th February at Embedded World where The Qt Company and Wind River will showcase a secure, connected medical device demonstration featuring Qt 5, VxWorks 7 and Wind River Helix Device Cloud on a Freescale i.MX6. We will be at Hall 4, booth #4-308.

To learn more about Wind River VxWorks 7, please visit the VxWorks website or contact Wind River.

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