Get ready to have your socks knocked off @ Embedded World 2016


Embedded World, the leading international fair for embedded systems, is almost upon us. This year’s event will offer breakthrough new ideas around embedded operating systems, safety and security, connectivity, and energy efficiency concepts supporting the Internet of Things.

Come visit the Qt booth (Hall 4 - 308) and our partners’ booths to see demos of our exciting new features & functions, and to get a glimpse of the future that we are making.

Stand Theatre Presentation - Live Coding

The in-stand theatre will feature daily short presentations and demonstrations:

  • 10:00 am - Introduction to Qt for Device Creation
  • 11:00 am - Integrating 3D content
  • 12:00 pm - Rapid UI Design for Embedded Devices
  • 1:00 pm - Showcasing Qt Multimedia
  • 2:00 pm - Qt Application Architecture
  • 3:00 pm - Using the Qt Virtual Keyboard
  • 4:00 pm - Optimizing Qt Applications


Demo Kiosks

We invite you to discuss an era of software-defined everything at our in-stand demonstration kiosks where we will feature a range of demos focused on:

  • Qt in Automotive
  • Qt in Automation
  • Qt in IoT.

Don’t miss our joint solutions showcased together with our partners:



Customer projects

Wittenborg 9100 coffee machine: There’s more than beans to good coffee. There’s Qt. Come and enjoy a cup of Qt! Created by Adeneo Embedded. Built with Qt. Running on NXP. Need I say more?

Formlabs Form2 desktop 3D printer: Connected 3D printer powered by Qt. This should be fun!

 Qt Under the Hood - Get a sneak peek at what we'll be featuring

 Concept application for Car Instrument Cluster HMI

  • We use this demonstration application to research different UI concepts in vehicle instrument clusters and to integrate different Qt technologies relevant to the automotive industry.
  • Qt Technologies used: Qt Positioning and Location, Qt3D, Qt Multimedia, Qt CAN Bus
  • Cluster Hardware: i.MX6 Sabre Lite, Quad Core ARM Cortex-A9, KOE 12,3" HSXGA (1280x480) display module
  • CAN Control unit: i.MX6 Sabre Lite with touch screen

Qt Quick Controls UI

  • Demo application showing the new Qt Quick Controls
  • Qt 5.6 beta running on i.MX6
  • Showing a dynamic touch interface with fluid transitions
  • Utilizing a preview version of Qt Quick controls optimized for embedded devices

Qt Tooling

  • Qt Quick Compiler: Compile QML source code into native machine code
  • Qt Quick Profiler: Advanced performance analysis of your application
  • Clang Static Analyzer: Find issues by source code analysis
  • Qt Test Runner: Build and run autotests for your projects

Qt State Machine Framework

  • The Qt State Machine framework provides classes for creating and executing state graphs.
  • This is done by defining possible states that the system can be in and how the system can move from one state to another (transitions between states).


  • The Qt SCXML module provides functionality to create state machines from SCXML files.
  • Dynamically creating state machines (loading the SCXML file and instantiating states and transitions) and generating a C++ file that has a class implementing the state machine.
  • Support for data models and executable content.

Qt Wayland Compositor

  • The Qt Wayland Compositor API provides a way to write your own custom compositor for embedded or desktop.
  • Multi-process UI on embedded hardware
  • New, easy and convenient Qt API
  • Ability to write a Wayland compositor in pure QML
  • Demo is running on i.MX6


Schedule your private meeting

Besides checking out the demos, we could exchange ideas or discuss any questions you might have from a technical point of view or regarding the best license set-up for your specific project needs. You can book your meeting with our subject matter experts today by sending an email to


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We look forward seeing you at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg on 23-25 February 2016.

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