Qt + Start-Ups = Awesome !

Qt has always been a technology available for everyone. From the very beginning, it was open source. Qt’s innovative licensing model has enabled a vast number of people and companies to use Qt under a license that allows them to satisfy their individual project needs. With our renewed agreement with KDE, we have been enabled to offer even more features to the open source community, while also bringing value to our commercial users. We see a continued and growing interest in our commercial offering and are now in a position to provide an alternate licensing solution for smaller businesses. With the new agreement, we promised to deliver a solution for small businesses, and today, we are proud to announce the details of the new commercial license offering for start-ups!

What is so excellent about this license offering compared to former “Indie” schemes is that you can distribute your applications to all our supported desktop and mobile platforms. In other words, this license covers application development the very same way our standard Qt for Application Development license does. It entitles you to the full usage of Qt for Application Development and the freedom to package and sell your product under terms and conditions of your own choosing under the full commercial Qt license!


Now get this!
We want to kick-start this license offering with a great deal: For the first sixty days after release, if you commit to a yearly subscription, the monthly equivalent will be only $49/month! That gives you full access to develop on and deploy to all our supported desktop and mobile platforms, for only $588.

After the introduction offering ends, we will still offer a significant advantage to those who commit to a year, with an equivalent price of $79 per month, summing up to an annual price of $948. In case you want more flexibility, our standard pricing of this license will come in two flavors, and the most flexible option is to pay as you go, for only $99 per month through monthly billing.

So now is the time to decide what you want to pay: $49, $79 or $99 per month? The choice is yours!

So, what is the catch, you might ask? As an offering for start-ups, this license is reserved for companies that are actually still small. To qualify for this license, your annual revenue cannot exceed $100,000.  We really hope this will increase the adoption of Qt for all the innovators out there aiming to bring the next big thing market, and how great would it be if we could all proudly say “Hey, that’s built with Qt!”

So, how to get this? Hold on, but not for long! The product is available for purchase very soon: we will roll this out with the Qt 5.6 release that is right around the corner!

For more details, and soon, for purchase, see the start-up plan web page!

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