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Qt 5.7 Alpha Released

I am pleased to inform that we have released Qt 5.7 Alpha today. As always, it is only available as a source package, mainly focused for those interested in studying the features and APIs. For those interested in using Qt 5.7 to develop applications, it is better to wait for the Beta release.

We have been developing Qt 5.7 in parallel with Qt 5.6 LTS, and thus Qt 5.7 is already at the Alpha milestone. For more information about the Qt Roadmap as well as more details what Qt 5.7 brings, please check the recent Qt Roadmap blog post.

In addition to updates for the existing modules, Qt 5.7 introduces several new modules, please see New features of Qt 5.7 wiki page as well as Documentation snapshot for Qt 5.7 for more details.

If you want to give Qt 5.7 Alpha a spin, get the packages from and tell us in the Qt mailing lists how to polish Qt 5.7, or submit bug reports via

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