What You Need to Know about the GNU LGPL

Qt 5.7 was released last week and as discussed in the release blog post, it is the first release that follows the new open source licensing scheme where we’ve unified the Qt for Application Development offering but also upgraded the LGPLv2.1 license to LGPLv3.

Qt has been available under LGPL for several years, and the license issues are naturally complex ones. To help you understand the obligations of the LGPLv3, we would like to introduce you this video done by Dr. Till Jaeger from JBB Rechtsanwälte, a recognized international legal expert on open source issues. The video goes through the background information about the GNU LGPLv3 and then addresses the separate rights you have under the LGPLv3.

In addition, to make the correct licensing choice, you can also take a look at our licensing pages, the licensing FAQ or the licensing comparison table at our web page.

Hope you find the video useful and enjoy Qt 5.7!

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