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It has been possible to attend a Qt certification exam and become a Certified Qt Developer or Qt Specialist since 2009. Now the exams and certifications have been updated to cover the latest Qt features. In order to support providers of quality Qt training and ease developers’ preparation for the exams, we are also launching a Qt training partner program.

Developer Certificate

There are three kinds of exams as before: Qt and QML Essentials, Widget UI and Application Engine with Qt, and Qt Quick UI. Candidates, passing the essentials exam, are given the Certified Qt and QML Developer statuses. Compared to the previous essentials exam, basic knowledge of QML, such as elements, layouts, and user interactions, are required in the updated version. After the essentials exam, candidates may choose to become a Certified Qt C++ Specialist or Certified Qt Quick Specialist or even both. To become a Qt C++ Specialist, a candidate needs to pass the Widget UI and Application Engine with Qt exam, which tests the candidate’s knowledge about threading, databases, XML and JSON, networking, and model/view framework in addition to widgets. In a similar way, the Qt Quick UI exam tests the attendee’s knowledge about several Qt Quick and QML modules, such as Qt Quick Controls, particle system, multimedia, custom modules and new Qt Quick types. The exact curriculums are available at https://www.qt.io/qt-certification/.

In each exam, the candidates have 60 minutes to answer a number of multiple choice questions. The essentials exam consists of 50 questions, from which 31 must be correctly answered to pass the exam. Advanced exams contain 30 questions, from which 16 must be answered correctly. Coding is not required, but many questions contain a code snippet, which must be understood to pick up the correct answer or answers. Exams can be attended in any Pearson VUE authorized test center around the world. The details of test center locations and instructions how to make an appointment and attend an exam can be found at http://www.pearsonvue.com/qtcompany/. The exam price varies from test center to test center, so the exact price should be asked directly from the test center.

Certified Developers and Specialist will receive a printed certificate with 2-4 weeks after the exam.

The best way to prepare for the exams is, besides to write Qt programs covering all the curriculum topics, to attend a Qt training course. The Qt Company are now launching a Qt training partner program, where we make up-to-date training material available to providers of Qt training. All training under the program will be done by qualified trainers. Qt courses for open enrollment will be advertised on our web site: http://www.qt.io/qt-training/. Our hope is that over time this program will benefit Qt developers everywhere.

Good luck with your preparations and with your exams!

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