Qt WebBrowser 1.0

We have recently open sourced Qt WebBrowser!

Screenshot of the Qt WebBrowser.
Qt WebBrowser (codename Roadtrip) is a browser for embedded devices developed using the capabilities of Qt and Qt WebEngine. Using Chromium, it features up-to-date HTML technologies behind a minimal but slick touch-friendly user interface written in Qt Quick.

All basic browser features are supported: You can search for text (both in history and via Google). You can bookmark pages, navigate in the page history, and open multiple pages concurrently. Depending on the codecs available, full-screen video and audio playback should also just work. You can also enable a private browser mode that leaves no traces after the browser is closed.

So far the browser has been only shipped as part of the Qt for Device Creation demo, but we're now releasing it also separately under GPLv3 and Commercial licenses. The browser serves as a testbed and demo for Qt and Qt WebEngine, but we see that it can also be used in your device solutions. So please talk to us if you have any kind of feedback, particularly feature requests! The preferred place is JIRA, but you can also just drop us a mail.

The browser is optimized for embedded touch displays (running Linux), but you can play with it on the desktop platforms, too! Just make sure that you have Qt WebEngine, Qt Quick, and Qt VirtualKeyboard installed (version 5.7 or newer). For optimal performance on embedded devices you should plan for hardware-accelerated OpenGL, and around 1 GiByte of memory for the whole system. Anyhow, depending on your system configuration and the pages to be supported there is room for optimization.

More details about the browser's user interface and capabilities can be found in the documentation. The source code is hosted on code.qt.io.

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