New Forum theme and security notice


Last week we updated the Qt Forum to the latest version of NodeBB.

We had been planning the upgrade for a while, but had to do the upgrade on a quick notice, as a bug that leaked user emails was found in the forum. Thanks to Justin Clift for pointing out the issue to us!

This means that it was possible for someone to find out user emails from the forum. For those users who have their email as public, this is not a issue, but some of you want to keep your email to yourself. The bug meant that these email addresses could also be found.

No other data was available through the bug, and as we are using a central sign in service, no account information could leak from the forum.

So if you have gotten more email spam than normally this might be one cause.

We are sorry for the leak, but in our defence, we did not know of it, and patched the system in under a day of becoming aware of the issue.

But on to the upgrade itself.

With the upgrade we changed to the new default theme used by NodeBB. It looks quite different from the old theme, and has already gotten some for and against feedback. I personally am getting used to the look and feel, and after the initial shock, I like it. That's a personal opinion, your mileage may vary, and please do tell us in the comments.

Due to the rushed upgrade some small things still need tweaking, the colours are a bit off from the Qt green, that will be fixed as soon as I find the time for it.

The reasoning for updating the theme, is that we can now follow the NodeBB upgrades faster, as we do not need to customise the theme as much as before. This will bring the improvement faster to you.

As an example new feature we now have chat rooms instead of one-to-one chats on the forum. To create a room, you can start a chat, and from the chat window settings add other users. At least for the Forum regulars this is quite an improvement.

So what do you think of the new Qt Forum look? Please tell us in the comments or drop by the forum to share your opinion.

Updated to credit Justin for finding the leak, thanks again!

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