Eliminate Technical Risks in Your Software Project

The Qt framework contains very powerful libraries that help to create great products that provide modern user experiences. At the same time, Qt is versatile and can be used across multiple purposes which offers many options and increases flexibility - but these can also be puzzling if one is not familiar with Qt.

Meeting your time-to-market targets on-time is essential and a key component in defining your success. One of the most important things in a software project is to eliminate risks, especially technical risks in this case, that can hinder reaching the product requirements and jeopardize the project schedule.

Nowadays, customer expectations are based on usability experiences from modern smartphones and tablets, where ease-of-use and smooth operations are fundamental. At the same time, bill of material (BOM) is playing its part of this equation meaning that the most efficient chipsets are rarely used but you need to maximise benefits of the software framework.

Meeting Your Performance Targets

The most common request to The Qt Company Services is to help with the performance. Typically, we in the Qt Consulting team receive that type of request when the feature complete milestone has already passed, and the customer has invested a lot of money into development. Unfortunately, quite often we see that there have been mistakes made early on in the project with the architecture solution for example. This can happen if Qt is not used efficiently which can hinder the achievement of your product requirements or specifications causing expensive refactoring.

We are happy to help with advising customers on planning and designing the product. We provide the best value for our customers in an architecture workshop which gives guidance and points you into the right direction from Day One.

Some customers building with proof of concept (POC), and this can be challenging if there is a gap in Qt know-how. Our experts can build customer use cases for different platforms typically within a week or two, and we have a wide range of ready-made demos in different HW which provide good benchmarking for the customer to make the right decisions.

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