Qt Champions for 2016

Qt Champions

It is the time of the year when we take a look back and see who have been the Qt Champions this year.

First I would like to point out that all the people nominated are all incredible!

Let's take a quick look at all the nominees:

  • JKSH - a long time Qt developer, who shows up almost everywhere where you look. And I do mean everywhere, take any Qt online service we have and he can be found there. Maybe not the first person you run into, but always there helping people with Qt.
  • kshegunov - a newer face in the Qt Community, but has already made an impact. Has contributions into Qt during his first year as a community active. You can also find him in the C++ Gurus section of the Qt Forums answering and sometimes asking hard questions.
  • Ekke - with a strong background in BlackBerry development, Ekke has moved to full time to the Qt community recently. He has a running blog post series on Qt for mobile development and he made the event applications for both QtCon and Qt World Summit this year. As a long time developer he has provided the developers of Qt Quick Controls 2 with a lot of feedback and ideas.
  • BenLau - another long time Qt developer. He has done a lot with Qt, and got some mentions from the developers of QML too. You can find Ben in many places, also the QtMob slack group, where Qt mobile developers gather nowadays. Take a peek at Bens github page to see a nice green wall.
  • mrjj - is a familiar name to anyone on the Qt Forum. Among the top three active contributors on the Qt Forum and especially this year he has been incredibly helpful and active.
  • VoidRealms - 155 Qt videos on YouTube and counting. And 155 code examples to go with those 155 videos. Also a bunch of projects and other code examples in Qt and multiple other languages too. He has been working with Qt for a long time and still releases videos at a steady pace.

As a short reminder, Qt Champions  are people who go the extra mile for the Qt community. They help out newcomers and make the community a welcoming and friendly place for everyone. The categories for Qt Champion nominations go as follows:

  • Community Builder - helping the Qt community
  • Ambassador - making Qt known
  • Content Creator - creating and sharing original Qt content
  • Maverick - significant and surprising contributions
  • Rookie of the Year - best first contribution to the Qt codebase

In light of the sheer skill and persistence of all the nominees, I find it hard to do anything else than award all the nominees the title of Qt Champion 2016.

The categories for our new Qt Champions go as follows:

  • Community Builder: JKSH and mrjj
  • Ambassador: Ekke
  • Content Creator: VoidRealms
  • Maverick: Benlau
  • Rookie of the Year: kshegunov

Please join me in congratulating the new Qt Champions!

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