Qt Together with Telechips

We are happy to announce the new collaboration between The Qt Company and Telechips. Telechips (http://www.telechips.com) is a leading fabless semiconductor company in Asia focusing on automotive and consumer electronics industries, where Qt has been used as a core component for a wide variety of innovative products.

Cooperation between The Qt Company and the SoC company based in South Korea brings great synergy. Working together, we are able to provide users and customers with an impressive toolset which features Telechips hardware with the latest Qt libraries and Qt Creator integration. This enables customers to begin software development and deliver immediate results. This provides cost-efficiencies that set a solid foundation and prove the value of Qt in each multiple industries. This is the first step for making a great partnership.


Figure 1. Deployment on Telechips TCC8971 from Qt Creator

The board was connected to the laptop via USB interface and the target of deployment was set to the custom device in Qt Creator - as you can see in the above picture. The Qt application was cross-compiled and deployed from Qt Creator in the same manner as the supported platforms of Boot to Qt (http://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtee-supported-platforms.html).

Telechips already provides a nice Linux distribution based on Yocto for their devices. So we were able to build up Qt demo launcher and Qt Creator integration was provided out-of-the-box. Now we can build a system image with the latest Qt version and deploy a Qt application from Qt Creator to a device directly with just a few clicks. It means it would be perfectly possible to keep on using up-to-date Qt libraries on the hardware and evaluate other offerings such as Qt Automotive Suite (http://www.qt.io/qt-automotive-suite/).

Currently you need to build the image by yourself with our support, but we expect it will be possible to deliver complete build recipes in the near future. Please stay tuned for update about upcoming steps with Telechips.

For further details, please contact South Korea office of The Qt Company.

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