Built with Qt: Episode I - Feeding Automation

We create #BuiltwithQt cases so that people who are new to Qt can get an idea of what Qt is used for and for people who already know Qt to see what is possible. In the past 12 months, we have created a lot of videos — not only customer cases, but talks and demos from events.

The automation industry spans from home & building through to service & industrial automation and even scales up to ship automation. Qt is being used in everywhere within the automation industry and there are a wide range of customers such as M2I, Ulstein and CELOS who are using Qt. Automation is catching fire and here are some additional examples of companies using Qt in the automation space that may entice your interest.

Let’s indulge:

LG Electronics, is a leader in smart kitchen appliances as well as consumer electronics, and recently showcased their Alexa-running smart refrigerator built with Qt and using WebOS, which is also the OS they are using in their Smart TVs.


N&W Global Vending is a worldwide leader in manufacturing specialized food and beverage vending machines using Qt, NXP i.MX6 and Witekio services to brew a perfect hot beverage of your choice. You can even check the weather and see a Twitter feed on the machine's HMI while you are waiting for your coffee — a need I did not know I had.

CELOS simplified machine automation with a network process for consistent management, documentation and visualization of an order, process and machine data--all built with Qt. Operational automation, energy saving, ERP/POS systems? No problem.

Qt is truly everywhere and we’ll be at the NRA Show 2017 booth #6875 showcasing what's possible with Qt Quick Controls 2  with Venture/Vest! Join us and contact us to learn more.



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