Qt 5.9.1 Released

I am pleased to announce that Qt 5.9.1 is released today. It contains all the latest bug fixes and improvements from Qt 5.9 branch.

Qt Creator 4.3.1 is included in the Qt 5.9.1 offline installer packages and available via the online installer.

As a patch release Qt 5.9.1 does not add any new functionality, just bug fixes and other improvements. For details of the changes compared to Qt 5.9.0 release, please check the Change files of Qt 5.9.1.

Our intention is to make more frequent patch releases for Qt 5.9 LTS than before. So if your most desired fix is not included in Qt 5.9.1 there will be more patch releases in the coming months.

If you are using the online installer, Qt 5.9.1 and Qt Creator 4.3.1 can be updated using the maintenance tool. Offline packages are available for commercial users in the Qt Account portal and at the qt.io Download page for open-source users.

For users targeting iOS we have identified an issue which can be fixed with an additional iOS patch. We know this is unfortunate, but the alternative was to delay the entire release for over one month. In light of this we thought it would be better to release 5.9.1 today, with a hot patch for iOS.

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