Qt Visual Studio Tools Version 2.1.2 Beta

After some time working on the integration with Visual Studio 2017, we would now like to make the current status of this work in progress available to users of VS 2017.

We have released a new beta of the Qt Visual Studio Tools, corresponding to version 2.1.2. It is available in the Visual Studio Marketplace and can be installed directly from within Visual Studio 2017 (through the 'Tools > Extensions and Updates...' menu). Alternatively, it can be downloaded from this page.

Relative to the previous 2.1.1 beta, version 2.1.2 includes some additional bug fixes:

  • Add new item with VS does not generate the moc
    (reported as QTVSADDINBUG-396)
  • Run moc'ing at every build even if there is no file changed
  • 2.1.1-beta VSIX installer fails
  • When opening a pro file with Qt 5.9, unable to create the vcxproj file

For the moment, version 2.1.2 is only available for Visual Studio 2017. There is also one noteworthy issue: Qt projects will be configured with version 8.1 of the Windows SDK, and building will result in an error if the SDK is not installed. The status of this issue and description of a workaround can be found here.

We will continue working on this and other issues and suggestions reported through bugreports.qt.io with a view to providing an official release of the Qt Visual Studio Tools, which will also be available for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015.

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