Migrate Your Legacy Code to Qt

Companies from various industry domains came to migrate their code built with Qt 3, Qt 4, MFC, Adobe Flash, Motif, HTML5, and many others to Qt 5. We've witnessed how the transformation to comprehensive, open architecture software framework can provide a fresh momentum to create opportunities for business growth that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Benefits of migrating to Qt

There comes a point where further investment in unsupported or suboptimal technology isn’t sustainable anymore. So often legacy applications and UIs are not meeting demands for high performance, portability, and adaptability. Most noteworthy, the high cost of ownership that provided at least somewhat of a return on investment is not anymore aligned with steep growth demands. As a result, the market differentiation that comes with flawless user interfaces can't be regarded as secondary.

At the same time, we have seen that technology migration projects are sometimes viewed as a major undertaking fraught with risk and uncertainty. Despite the perceived ambiguity towards change, more often than not there could be significantly bigger risks with side-stepping migration. Many businesses are realizing this and those with a clear commitment to change are reaping the rewards.

In brief, there are various benefits of migrating to Qt:

  • Less technical risks
  • Performance boost
  • High flexibility and adaptability
  • Improved maintainability
  • Future proof strategy

Want to migrate to Qt quickly?

The pain of change may not be as great as you think if you go through it with expert help. Experts from The Qt Company and our Service Partners know all the tricks of the trade. This is because they have a clear vision of what your clients and business need. Due to that, they can achieve porting quickly and with appropriate control and risk mitigation.

The set of proven steps to make sure you migrate smoothly

  • Advisory Services: Starting with an in-depth assessment of your current status. As a result, your migration roadmap will be tuned to your unique challenges. Delivery will consist of a comprehensive report accompanied with risk-reward and cost and time estimate for potential migration.
  • Porting Services: With the migration strategies, tools, and techniques in place, it's time for putting the plan into action.
    • Convert the old structure into the modern model/view architecture
    • Execute migration to Qt with proven roadmap
    • Replace some features with new custom-made components
    • Send back ready-to-ship new application
  • Training Services: Tailored for high impact, we ensure a smooth handover training. With lectures, discussions, examples and hands-on programming labs, your team will learn how to continue to get the most out of Qt.
  • Qt Support Services: First-class support to keep things running. The team works closely with R&D engineers to help developers approach complex technical tasks

Please contact The Qt Company Consulting Services or Qt Service Partners for help in migrating to Qt.

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