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Qt certification program has been alive since 2009, although we have not shouted out loud about it during the past few years. The exams have been updated to include Qt5 content, including Qt Quick and QML, so now it is possible to test your QML skills as well.

Why to get certified?

Join the group of 4,500 certified developers.

A certificate formalizes and proves you have practical Qt knowledge, when you are looking for new challenges. Yes, we mean practical knowledge. Although you do not have to write any C++ or QML code in the exams, there are plenty of code snippets, which you need to understand well to be able to answer to the exam questions.

With certified developers, companies can have a selling point when pitching their company’s credentials as an expert Qt shop.

Certificates and exams

Currently, we offer three kinds of certifications and corresponding certificates:

  • Certified Qt and QML Developer
  • Certified Qt C++ Specialist
  • Certified Qt Quick Specialist


To become a certified developer, candidates must pass the Qt and QML Essentials exam. After additionally passing either of the specialist exams, candidates achieve the certified specialist status. We have developed the Widget UI and Application Engine exam for candidates, who want to test their widget and Qt C++ programming expertise. Candidates, preferring QML programming, can take the Qt Quick UI exam and become certified Qt Quick specialists.

Exams consist of multiple choice questions. In each exam, candidates have 60 minutes to reply the questions. The number of questions depends on the exam. The essential exam has 50 questions, from which 31 must be answered correctly. In the specialist exams, the passing score is 16, while the total number of questions is 30. A question example is given below:

Select all statements, which are true in terms of QString

  • QString extends QObject.
  • It is an implicitly shared value type.
  • QString stores the data in the compressed binary format, so it is more memory efficient than QByteArray.
  • QString stores a string as Unicode characters.

We do not expect you remember all the Qt classes and QML types by heart. However, you should know some essential classes, like QObject, QString, QWidget, QQuickItem very well. In addition, make sure to understand the essential Qt programming concepts, such as Qt object memory management, meta-object system, widget layout management or QML bindings and signal handlers. Familiarise yourself with exam requirements and curriculums in

Are my old Qt certificates still valid?

We have good news to everyone, who already has old Nokia Qt certificates. We have decided to keep old certificates still valid. Thus, if you want to get Qt Quick Specialist certificate and you already are Nokia Certified Qt Developer, you can just take the new Qt Quick UI exam.

How to prepare and make an exam appointment?

One of the frequently asked questions is, which material I need to read to prepare for the exam. Look at our extensive offering of trainings, training materials, and tutorials in Use the exam curriculums to study the relevant topics. If you are totally new to Qt, one week may not be enough to prepare for the essentials exam. Writing Qt programs is very efficient way to learn. After 4-6 weeks of using Qt classes and QML types, you may find essentials exam almost trivial. If you unlucky and fail the exam, you can get 50 per cent discount to re-take the exam.

Certification exams can be taken in any of the 3,000 authorized Pearson VUE test centers. Visit and find the nearest test center to you. In addition, you can create a Pearson VUE account to manage exams and exam appointments. Exam prices vary a lot between the test centers. So, ask the test center to get the exact price. An average price is about 200 €.

We print and send certificates to exam candidates once in a month. So, in the best case you will get your certificate within a few days after the exam.

Show your Qt expertise and get certified today!

If you have any further queries about certification, please do not hesitate to send an email to

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