Jump-Start Your Development with the Qt Starter Pack

If you want to impress today’s customers, you have to keep up with the slick and smooth UIs they’re used to from their smartphones and tablets. Fortunately, the Qt software framework is no slouch and can fulfill the highest product requirements for embedded and desktop solutions.

Driving the Qt technology and its road map, we're very proud of how comprehensive the Qt framework is. However, the sheer amount of the libraries can seem a bit daunting for Qt developers, some of which are still pondering how to use them to their full potential. To help you with this challenge right out of the gate and save you time and money, we have created a new globally available service: The Qt Starter Pack.

What is The Qt Starter Pack?

The Qt Starter Pack consists of an on-site workshop with a dedicated Qt engineering specialist with additional consulting after the workshop. Our expert developers teach you how to move things forward quickly at the start of the project, reaching your project milestones and go-to-market in record time.

Sounds great coming from us, but here is what some of our customers had to say:

The Qt Starter Pack

The Qt consultants gave us initial training which really helped us kick start our project & avoid typical software development pitfalls enabling us to get to market faster.” Kristof Braem, CEO, Medec Benelux

With the support of Qt consultants we were able to leverage on their knowledge and create one of the most advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and instrument clusters on the market – from scratch.” Goran Haček, IVI development coordinator, Rimac Automobili

"It was quite amazing for us to see that we were able to cut down the development time from 1000 - 1300 hrs to 50 hrs by being able to allow all developers and customers to work on the same IDE." Rune Volden, R&D Manager, Ulstein Power & Control

Sounds interesting, tell me more!

A dedicated Qt specialist takes you on a deep dive into product design and development and sets the solution development with Qt on the right path.

Of course, we tailor the workshop to your specific needs, but here are some general topics you can expect.

  • Use cases walk-through and feasibility studies
  • Hardware evaluation and optimization best practices
  • Evaluation of different options for high-level architecture design
  • Implementation practices
  • Memory footprint configuration and optimization
  • Identification of possible risks and bottlenecks with recommendations
  • Covering your specific topics and questions

With our experience in product development, we will help you avoid common pitfalls, manage performance and memory consumption and build a solid foundation for your project.

How can I get it?

We are happy to tell you more about the Qt Starter Pack and how we can help you to succeed. Contact us to discuss how we can boost your development to the next level.

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