Qt Webinars in January!

Hi and Happy New Year everyone!

Let's start it off with a blast in the shape of some veritable webinar doozies. This January, we want to talk to you about Qt 5.10 in all its glory, give you an introduction to our awesome Qt 3D Studio and keep you safe with Qt Safe Renderer.

Don't have the time to participate live? Sign up anyway - we will send you a recording and the presentation slides to your email address!

9 January: Meet Qt 5.10 Asia and EU time zone - 11 January: US and EU time zone

Overview of the new features in the latest release of the Qt framework and tools. Qt 5.10 is a quality upgrade spiced with several new features on top of the previous release,  Qt 5.9 LTS. New features in Qt 5.10 include a mechanism to use graphical assets in UI design created and maintained in a 3rd party tool, Vulkan support, improved gesture enablers, WebGL based remote applications, solutions for M2M communications, Qt Creator 4.5 and much more.

16 January: Introduction to 3D Studio EU and Asia time zones - 18 January: US and EU time zone

In this webinar, we will go through the Qt 3D Studio key features, show how you can create interactive 3D user interfaces with Qt 3D Studio and answer your questions live.

25  January: Functional Safety with Qt and Qt Safe Renderer

In this webinar, we talk about functional safety and how the Qt Safe Renderer can be used to create functionally safe systems.

Missed a webinar such as our Qt Graphics AMA session or the one on the controversial million-dollar-question "Qt or HTML5"? No problem! You can find recordings of all our webinars in the on-demand section! Download them and get smart!

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